We supply a template for each product that we offer. Templates are a guide in how to set up your artwork, before printing onto transfer paper and pressing a product on your flat bed press.

Simply download the corresponding template to the product you'd like to press. Open the file in Photoshop (or other editing software), and add your design, making sure that your design fills the entire area.

When finished, save your design file with the new design name. This will be the file you will print onto the transfer paper, whenever you need to press this particular design on this product in future.


Using mock-up files makes it possible for you to see what a new design would look like on a particular product, without having to use up any of your blanks - save them for when you have an order! It also means that, if you're happy with how the design looks on a product, you can upload the mock-up to your online store and social media accounts and offer your brand new design for sale, without having to press a thing.

Simply download the file of the product you'd like to create a mock-up for and open it in Adobe Photoshop (or other editing software) and double-click on the editable layer. A new tab will open; add your design to this file, making sure to fill the entire area. Once happy, click save. Go back to the original mock-up file window and it will have updated with your design included. You can then save this mock-up and upload it to your store or social media accounts.