Top 5 best selling sublimation products

Here is our list of the top 5 selling dye sublimation products we think are vital to any company offering blanks for personalisation.

1. Mugs

Our number one choice. A mug is a great way to get your business details into someone's home, office, or staff room. It is a great product that lasts and one that is used time and again. You can put the same graphics on a mug that you would your business promotional leaflet, but where a leaflet handed out or posted through a letter box will usually end up recycled, a personalised mug will definitely not. Repeat sales opportunity every coffee break!

2. Phone Cases

This is a firm favourite. Almost everyone that has a phone seems to have some sort of cover, we find that the classic hard shell case protects phones from accidental drops and scrapes keeping it in great condition. For those that need the next level protection you can buy a touch case which incorporates at silicone jacket, this acts as a cushioning layer to protect against accidental drops and shocks. Phone cases are a great marketing option for your sales force, apply your corporate message to your team’s phone cases for a modern, professional look.

3. Mouse Mats

Pretty much everyone in an office these days has a computer, and most people at home too. Sublimating your business details onto sublimation blank mouse mats and hand them out is a great idea. A lot of people these days give out mouse mats with their own personal images on to family and friends so why not put your business details out there too? It is common place now to see corporate imaged mouse mats in businesses, so why not treat your business to some new mouse mats you’re your company logo or business details on? A customer service call can go a lot quicker when your staff have your business features and benefits at their fingertips.

4. Coasters

I should really have dye sublimation coasters listed next to mugs shouldn't I but they are maybe a little bit more of an unusual item to have. It would also maybe be over-boiled to give out promotional mugs and matching coasters but coasters would definitely be a cheaper option than mugs and essentially fulfil the same purpose. Every time someone has a cuppa, they could use a sublimated coaster with your details on. Yes, for a limited time your information would be covered over by a warm beverage but most of the time your business details are there ready to be seen by anyone in a staff room, living room or at someone's desk.

5. Photo-Blocks

We are seeing continued and increased orders for the classic photo-block, as well as the more modern rounded style. Photo-blocks can be used a special gift from one family to another, or for remembering that great holiday snap from a holiday. We are seeing strong sales in the sporting event sector who are favouring photo-blocks instead of the traditional trophy. In our office, we have them on our windowsills and they look great when the sun shines through them – talk about back lit! They make great corporate gifts and paper weights, simply put your corporate message on them and give to your sales prospects as a daily reminder of your business message.